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Frequently asked questions.

Garage doors have been made out of wood because they offer the most personalized and decorative options. Wood doors provide security and insulation, but tend to be higher priced due to its individual customization in manufacturing. Wood doors can be painted or stained to match the exact look and style of your home. Wood garage doors are an excellent choice when you want the natural, warmth and beauty of wood to match your entry door and home. Treating doors annually with a timber oil will prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

Yes. Roll To Secure offers residential garage doors in widths between 1,2 - 5,5m and in heights up to 3m
*Designs might differ from standard styles due to custom size.

Roll To Secure offers a 1 year guarantee from date of installation on workmanship for all timber products and a 1 year guarantee on automation systems.

The Guarantees exclude Water Damage on any products, Batteries for remotes, Battery Back Up Packs, Motor Manual Release Mechanism and damage caused due to negligence.

Guarantee will be VOID should the doors be painted or varnished and if the doors were adjusted, repaired, serviced or tampered with by anyone other than Roll To Secure.

A Standard headroom applications requires 400-450mm of space between the bottom of the opening header and the unobstructed ceiling. However, Roll To Secure specializes in custom-built garage door installations. A variety of special track and brackets options are available and makes it possible for many unusual garages to be fitted with doors.

By using low-headroom brackets, it is possible to install a door with a garage door opener in an area that has as little as 250mm headroom.

If an electric garage door opener has been installed on your door, it is not necessary to have a lock. Properly installed, electric openers can function as the lock, making it improbable that an intruder would be able to lift your door from the outside. If you have an older opener, check to see if your door can be lifted from the outside.

It is not recommended for the garage door to be fitted with a lock when an opener has been installed, because too frequently, a child or other family member will accidentally lock the door. If someone then tries to open the door using the electric opener, the opener will pull against the lock causing the door to be damaged.
If no opener is installed on your garage door, a lock is highly recommended.


Maintenance and Servicing my Garage Door.

All Timber Products are to be treated with Timberlife Oil or a good quality oil which can be purchased from Roll To Secure.

All Roll To Secure Timber Products are to be treated 2 weeks after installation or delivery.

Treat again every 3 months for the first year and then again annually with a good quality Timber Oil or Timberlife Oil to ensure your door keeps on being the stunning focal point of your property.

NOTE: DO NOT Varnish your garage door or gates.

Look out for these Service Indicators​

• The door does not operate freely.
• The door is noisy.
• The door does not sit square in the opening.
• The lock does not operate properly. (manual)
• The Door does not stay up in the open position, it drops down on
   it’s own. (manual)
• The door is heavy to lift manually.
• The motor is noisy in operation.
• The motor runs but does not lift up the door 

Your Roll To Secure Garage Door should provide many years of safe operation if it is installed, operated and maintained properly. However ​ it is advisable to get Roll To Secure to regularly (every 18 months) to service your doors and retention springs.

A major service should be done by Roll To Secure Services after approximately 3-5 years to replace all the metal working parts, i.e. springs, cable, pulleys, etc.

Roll To Secure recommends that garage doors be serviced by Roll To Secure 1 year after installation. A Call-Out fee including additional parts which might be needed or replaced needed will be charged. Contact us for more information.



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