Roll To Secure :: Garage & Industrial Doors
Roll To Secure :: Garage & Industrial Doors Roll To Secure :: Garage & Industrial Doors
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Roll To Secure :: Garage & Industrial Doors
Roll To Secure :: Garage & Industrial Doors

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About Us

Roll To Secure Garage & Industrial Doors is one of the few companies with their own manufacturing plant. With over 15 years experience we pride ourselves with quality and professional service to our customers. Our work force are trained and have the skills to manufacture Roller Shutter Doors from receiving of the raw material to final production with short lead times.

The streamlined manufacturing process ensures a quality product that is continually tested for durability and strength.

Each door is custom-designed and custom-built, ensuring the perfect fit and lasting quality. We service the entire Eastern Cape.

What We Offer:

We provide integrated security for retail facilities, for example shopping centers. A major consideration is that the solution should not distract from the shopping experience of the customer. It should also insure safe evacuation and provide the most appropriate security solutions for various areas of the building.

The industrial sector faces numerous security challenges. These include buildings with numerous entrances and exits, receiving and dispatch openings.

We also offer 24/7 service on all the above products.

It's not so much a case of "things will never go wrong", what's more important is "what can be done about it when they do". Whether you're locked out, or unable to close, our trained technicians are a just phone call away, 24-7. Various Emergency Response packages are also available, with service levels designed to cater for your specific requirements.

Maintenance packages are available on all products. Please contact us for further details.

Security Tips:
• Ensure that the area outside your premises are well lit at night.
• Be supper vigilant when entering or exiting your property.
• Ensure that you place emergency numbers on the windows or doors for the unforseen. 
• Ensure that your stand number is clearly visible to police and ambulances.
• Always lock windows and doors, even if you go out for a few minutes. 
• When you move into a new premises, always replace locks.
• Always insure that when you close your Roller Shutter Doors there are no items stuck in the doors guide for easy access.
• Wait for your door to close properly before leaving. -
• Ensure that you service your Roller Shutter Door every 3 months, Tension doors every six months.
• Replace or re-cut keys to your Roller Shutter Doors every six months as employees that left you, might have spare keys made for
  the doors.
• A broken window is always an attraction to intruders. Replace broken windows as soon as possible.

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